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EOS is the Top Smart Contract Blockchain for Gaming


DappRadar published a list of the top 10 most played blockchain games. Apparently EOS supports 5 of these games every day without problems, unlike Ethereum, where lately the gaming activity dropped because of the high gas price.

Indeed, on Ethereum during 2020 we could notice a rise in gas fees, which hampered the growth of blockchain games running on Ethereum. On Ethereum players have to pay a fee to process every transaction on the blockchain, limiting the user experience and causing an high correlation between the gaming activity and the gas price.

As you can see from Etherscan, the gas price has been rising significantly since about mid-April 2020, which matches the drop in gaming activity.

On EOS instead there is a resource sharing system, called Resource Exchange (REX), which allows. users to pay a small amount in EOS to have guaranteed resources for a period of 30 days and thus perform transactions freely.Usually are developers who use it, to give to users of their dApps free transactions. Thus, players of blockchain games on EOSIO chains do not have to worry about having to pay any fee, and that's probably why EOS manages 5 of the top 10 blockchain games in terms of daily activity.



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