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EOS Nation: No more blacklists on EOS


EOS Nation, one of the top 21 Block Producers on the EOS mainnet, released a statement announcing that it will completely remove the blacklist from its producer configurations next week. In this way all frozen accounts will have free access to their funds. Is this really a good move for EOS?

The blacklist is a list of EOS accounts that every active block producer must have updated. It is used to freeze some hacked accounts from making transactions and in such a way as to protect the token holders. - EOS Go

The blacklist was a tool that originated along with the EOS mainnet, when the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) was still being considered to rules on network cases under the Interim Constitution. Must remember that on April 12, 2019 a multisig was approved by the top 21 Block Producers replacing the Interim Consistution with the EOS User Agreement, thus revoking any function of the ECAF.

However, the blacklist had remained, to freeze the funds of a series of hacked accounts, so that hackers could not withdraw them. Several times, however, it happened that a block producers had not updated their blacklist, allowing some hackers to withdraw funds and move them on exchanges. And this made EOS reflect negatively, as the public opinion thought it was a blockchain hack/bug.

"EOS as a network no longer has that baselayer belief system that was in the interim Constitution. Keeping the blacklists has been an embarrassment for property rights and the validity of EOS as a blockchain and we believe it is time to move on" - EOS Nation

These are the reasons why EOS Nation is stating in its announcement that the "interim constitution and ECAF is a stain on EOS and the blacklists is the lingering mark that's been tarnishing our collective reputation for two years ".

Once EOS Nation removes its blacklist, since they are one of the top 21 plock producers, the blacklist will completely lose all its practicality. As the current "owners" of the blocked accounts will be able to transmit transactions on the blockchain that will be confirmed by the EOS Nation node.

"Each BP currently maintains them, but if only one of us removes them, the funds will likely flow out."

For this reason, this decision is not to be taken lightly, as it creates consequences for the entire network and for all block producers. In any case, the EOS Nation team seems to be sure of their position, and now we'll see what the community and other block producers think about it.


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