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EOS Mainnet Voting Proxy Rallies Continues


By now we can say that the proxy voting branch on EOS has been completely renewed in just a few weeks. This is not only thanks to the new votes of Block.One, but also to the DFS communìty proxy that continues to collect votes, and is now at 55M proxied EOS.

Less than two weeks ago we told you about the great success of DFS Network Proxy, which in about a week managed to collect 39M of proxied EOS, becoming the second largest proxy right after Block.One.

To date, the proxy has continued to collect votes steadily, and has now reached 55M proxied EOS, from over 4,500 accounts! In this way it has consolidated its position as the second largest proxy, with more than 45M EOS from Colin Talks Crypto's third largest proxy, and only 30M of votes from the first position controlled by new proxy from Block.One. At this rate it may soon even overtake the Block.One proxy and become the largest proxy, and beyond that also community-owned.

Indeed, as we already reported in the last article, the DFS team was able to integrate a system of economic incentives for proxy voters, which are rewarded through the TAG (The Angel Grant) tokens.

"The proxy rewards are derived from a mining system that is based on the proxied votes to the DFS Network proxy. Users who stake their EOS in favor of the proxy, get mining qualifications and mining weights corresponding to the number of delegated votes. They can then choose which Block Producers will be voted by the proxy." - DFS Network Proxy, the EOS second-Largest Proxy is Community Owned

This is certainly an interesting situation that we are seeing evolving directly into the EOS mainnet. It will be exciting to see how it develops in the future.


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