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This Week: EOS Is Building Back Better


When it comes to building back better, nobody does it better than the EOS ecosystem. This week has been an eventful one, focusing on just that - building back better. The ongoing developments coupled with the return of others has created an environment of optimism on the network. The many initiatives within the EOS ecosystem are setting the network in prime position for the mass adoption of blockchain.

Eden Elections

The revolutionary democratic process that protects and enhances the independence and power of its participants has concluded its elections for the next Chief Delegates (CDs). In a process that had 86 participants compete in the hopes to govern the Eden organization, five were elected as eventual Chief Delegates.

Chris Barnes (Guardian at Helios), Dan Singjoy (founder of Dogman Labs, Eden Creators, and other ventures), Hahn Ryu (Founder of NodeONE, and Korean EOS Token Holders' Association), and the new Head Chief, Luka Percic (CEO of ZeroPass), have come out the elections as the new Chief Delegates.

More positive media coverage on EOS network developments

Elsewhere, EOS’ bullish developments over the past months have caught the interest of some of the big publishers in the industry.

For instance:

CryptoDaily recently published an article comparing EOS’ past negative narratives which are steadily subsiding to today’s more positive ones. The article does a great job at recognizing EOS’ current progress and the positive changes that have come since Block.one was removed from the network, especially the efforts of the EOS Network Foundation in recent months.

The Crypto Coin Show channel on YouTube did an interview with Yves La Rose (Founder of the EOS Network Foundation), discussing everything from how the ENF is assisting growth in the EOS Network, the ongoing grants, funding, and help they are providing startups moving onto EOS. Also the explosion of GameFi on EOS, the incoming EVM compatibility and Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) Layer for full blockchain interoperability, and more.

Special mention also goes to Yves’ article on the Nasdaq website where he discussed Decentralized Autonomous Gaming Guilds, or DAGGs - a term he’s coined - and the vital role they play in building GameFi.

‘Architects of Consensus” developer series returns’

Architects of Consensus, a series dedicated to shining a light on the unseen figures who are developing and advancing  EOSIO, is making a return. Its return was marked by an interview with Buck Kittinger (ENF Principal Engineer) who discussed his experience with blockchain, and the problems and opportunities the technology, especially EOSIO, has to expand on current limits.

“Architects of Consensus will return with more interviews that reveal the unseen figures who make the magic of blockchain technology possible on #EOS and beyond!”

The ENF ships three separate release candidates

While we were waiting on the second iteration of Mandel’s release candidate, the ENF released two more release candidates for two more products this week.

The first one being the Contract Developer Toolkit. The latest release candidate for version 3.0.0 includes feature changes to Stack Canary, Crypto Extensions, and fixes to a few Bugs.

The second release candidate was for Contract version 3.1.0 which made changes to the core contract. Some of the new features include the introduction of a Boot Contract for bootstrapping a new blockchain, especially for testing purposes. Other changes include Configure WASM Limits, Building, Compatibility, and Upgrading.

Changes made to the second iteration of Mandel’s release candidate include a New Build Procedure, Protocol Compatibility, and other protocol changes.

*As of writing EOS is trading at $1.02 (up from $0.92 last week) with $161 million in daily trading volume and a market cap of $1,011,678,280. This week sees EOS drop one spot to the 48th position by market cap. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.*


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