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EOS Foundations Recognition Grants Totalling $3.4M


The EOS Foundation continues to select projects building on EOS that will receive a $100,000 grant each. Currently 34 projects have been selected and will receive a total of $3.4M in EOS.

In a few weeks since the actual start of operations, the EOS Foundation is fulfilling its mission. According to the latest news coming from Yves La Rose, 34 projects have just been selected to receive the initial recognition grants of $100,000.

For this round of recognition grants all projects that were recipients of Block.One grants have been excluded. In the future, however, through Pomelo grants these projects will also be taken into consideration.

The key areas outlined for funding include core infrastructure, developer tooling and UX, security, as well as technical education. Media outreach was also highlighted with grant support at the Foundation’s onset.


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