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EOS dApps are losing ground to ETH and TRON. Will Voice help?


Taking a quick look at the dApps market, we can see that EOS is losing ground to Ethereum and also Tron, compared to a few months ago.

Mark Stair, a member of the community noticed it, and shared his opinion on a Medium article.

If we go to visit the Dapp Radar ranking, it is now clear that Tron and Ethereum are dominating the ranking. Among the top 25 positions there are only 4 that are part of the EOS mainnet:

  • EOS Dynasty
  • Prospectors
  • Newdex
  • XPET Less than Ethereum (equal to 8) and Tron's, which are now 12.


The community now saw Voice as the savior of this situation, as it was hoped to bring a few thousand new users to the EOS mainnet. Unfortunately, with every day that passes, hope diminishes, and we don't know if this will actually be the case.

"Voice was the great hope of EOS from many in the community and still might be, but I'm not holding my breath."

In his article Mark clarifies some of the reasons why Voice will not be able to help EOS in his opinion:

  1. Voice is not intended to run on EOS, as it use a private eosio chain
  2. Voice is going to take a really long time to go from beta to mainstream
  3. The KYC process is losing many potential users since it's invasive and limited to USA
  4. At the moment the number of users should be around 300, as Dan Larimer has only 233 listeners.

"We are now 20 months with EOS and I can't use it for ANYTHING required in daily life. You would think by now you could buy a coffee from efforts of EOSCafe or convert crypto to bread. In reality, NONE of the top dapps from all dtm's provide anything beyond gambling, games and trading."

Also according to Mark, EOS has 3 possibilities to get out of this situation:

  1. Decentralized solutions: currently failing to get traction.
  2. Government solutions: hopefully will soon start to come online and have an impact
  3. Corporate solutions such as Facebook Libra and others

"In summary, my prediction is that governments will continue to control fiat and dtm (blockchain) money unless decentralized groups bring in the masses rapidly and provides end to end dtm money solutions from earning money to spending at a store and that store able to use it to pay for supplies and employees"


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