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Enhance IPFS through the DAPP Network


The LiquidApps team published an article in which they explain how the most diffused distributed network storage system: IPFS, is not efficient because of a lack of incentive and how this can be improved through the DAPP Network.

"The developers of IPFS had big dreams for their creation. It was envisioned to become the backbone of Web3.0. (...) Yet IPFS never stood a chance on its own. (...) the natural synergies between the decentralized storage network and blockchain technology are already on live display on the DAPP Network."

IPFS nodes have no incentive to keep data online and for this reason may fail to deliver requested files either due to being offline or because the file no longer exists on them. Using the DAPP Network users who want to store a file over IPFS can pay a DSP to keep a copy of the data in their IPFS node so as to ensure its availability.


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