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Emanate launched their public Alpha

Emanate launched their public Alpha

Emanate recently launched the first version of their public Alpha. This is an MVP release, with realtime payments and smart-collaborations running on the EOS mainnet. Users can now stake their EMT tokens to earn a 0.5% weekly bonus, while artists will soon be able to cash out their stable earnings into EMT.

This alpha version has been launched with already 50 artists chosen by the team, and with more than 200 songs published and ready to be listened. New artists can get in touch with the team Representative to get started and start earning and splitting payments in realtime.

Watch the Emanate Alpha teaser: https://twitter.com/EmanateOfficial/status/1171299254008049665

Read more: https://medium.com/emanate-live/emanate-alpha-is-here-5706d7b41346

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