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Digital Art More Accessible with Pixeos and Moonpay


Pixeos and Moonpay have made a partnership to make the purchase of digital art, physical artworks and collectibles more accessible.

PixEOS is a platform on the EOS Blockchain that allows users to create artworks and turn them into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as well as view other users' art pieces and buy them.

Unfortunately for artists and buyers, it was still difficult to acquire EOS to buy and bid on art. It is precisely to solve this problem that Pixeos and Moonpay have established a partnership.

Indeed, Moonpay provides an easy EOS gateway service from fiat to EOS. This way collectors and artists can easily buy and sell NFT artworks through credit cards. Moreover, it will also be possible for Pixeos to reach a much wider user base.

“The Moonpay integration is a huge milestone for our users not acquainted with crypto trading and swapping platforms to get EOS seamlessly with a credit card without leaving the gallery. Moonpay is definitely the perfect fit for our future as a compliant fiat gate.” - Fred Nogueira, Pixeos CEO


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