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dfuse goes open source and joins Blockchain Game Alliance


dfuse has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), a coalition of companies with the aim of promoting blockchain in the game industry. Dfuse will be instrumental in improving the blockchain backend infrastructure of partner companies.

"The mission of the BGA is to provide its members with a thriving space for networking opportunities within the videogame industry, creating business partnerships, and helping members to reach more players, partners, and investors."

Through dfuse blockchain videogame developers will be able to receive data from their blockchain without having to make continuous requests. On the contrary, the data will be transmitted in real-time allowing a faster response times to deliver near-instant updates to users.

Moreover, dfuse has recently opened sourced their software for EOSIO, in order to guarantee free access to their tools for all developers on EOSIO chains. In this way developers will have access to a considerable amount of tools that will facilitate the creation of new applications with a significantly improved backend quality, drastically reducing the difficulty of writing and managing code.


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