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Defibox - EOS One-stop DeFi Application Platform | Q2 Planning


EOS Go has learned that the executive team of Defibox, a premium DeFi project on the EOS blockchain, recently announced the project work path plan for the Q2, 2022. In the plan, Defibox's work for the next quarter is focused on three dimensions

  • Defibox DAO
  • Project Operation Planning
  • Expansion of each chain agreement

Since its official launch in July 2020, Defibox has been deeply involved in the DeFi space. Their team continues to achieve project milestones and break the boundaries of blockchain technology. Defibox also provides users with an efficient and convenient one-stop DeFi experience.

Defibox is at the forefront of crypto research with the announcement of their project work plan for the Q2, 2022. They are leading the industry by transforming and improving blockchain technology.

EOS Go has compiled specific information on Defibox's project work plan for Q2, 2022. Let's take a look at it together!

About the "Defibox DAO" promotion plan

  1. Promote the second election of "Defibox DAO", and plan to initiate the management optimization proposal of "Defibox DAO" from the perspective of the executive team: Board members are from election while committee members are hired by the board. The first board was officially established on November 17, 2021. According to the DIP31 proposal, the term is 180 days. The Defibox executive team will host the second election one month before the end of the term, and plan to initiate a proposal for all members. The reward will be used to encourage BOX users to initiate proposals, and to increase DAO participation through community in various chains and languages.

  2. The board is requested to launch the "Defibox" ecological development fund to reward the satellite protocol. The project that has obtained the reward qualification will be announced and voted by "BOX DAO".

About Defibox operation plan

  1. Explore the BOX token reduction mechanism: At present, the total amount of BOX tokens released are more than half. In terms of deflation mechanism, Defibox will continue to explore and optimize.
  2. Promote the EOS chain satellite protocol: such as the Curve protocol and leveraged token protocol that are already under development.
  3. Gamebox: After the release of Gamebox, Defibox has received applications from different game projects teams of various chains, and the games that have passed the evaluation will be developed and launched in the second quarter.
  4. Open source for three major protocols in steps: Defibox has been running smoothly for more than a year. After multi-party audits by SlowMist and Peckshield, the three major protocols will be open sourced in steps. At the same time, in terms of security, we will invest more to protect users Financial security.

Regarding "Protocol Expansion of Each Chain" (development plan)

EOS chain protocol function upgrade:

  1. BSS upgrade: According to DIP42: About the upgrade of BSS, the project upgrade is completed, which supports multiple income incentives and improves the income of BSS for users. This feature will be released soon.

  2. Swap unilateral market making: At present, it is planned to develop unilateral market making in with USN, expand the USN application scenarios and increase the Swap liquidity pool.

  3. Satellite protocol: Defibox will support and launch satellite protocol.

  4. EOS Lite version: Continue to optimize the lite version of Swap, and support the Lite version of the Lending.

WAX chain protocol function upgrade:

  1. Swap contract transformation: develop and support for burning tokens.

  2. Optimize product experience: continue to optimize product interaction logic and data statistics display.

BSC chain protocol upgrades are suspended in the second quarter.


Defibox was officially launched on the EOS chain on July 21, 2020. Since its launch more than a year ago, it has launched three core protocols: Swap exchange, USN stable coin and decentralized lending. It has become one of the most important components of the EOS DeFi ecosystem, and has been the NO.1 in the ranking of EOS DeFi projects such as Dappbird, Blocks, and DappRadar for a long time.

Multi-chain deployment has also become Defibox's choice, in the context of a large industry where public chain development is blossoming. The team will deploy blockchains such as WAX and BSC on the basis of EOS public chain successively.

The announcement of the project work plan for Q2 2022 demonstrates Defibox's determination to continue to plow the DeFi track and seek breakthroughs. With the improvement of system governance system, optimization of product functions and advancement of multi-chain process, Defibox will bring a more secure, easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi experience to a wider range of investors and users in the future.

Let's look forward to Defibox's performance in the Q2 2022.


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