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New partnership between Everipedia and Brave

brave everipedia partnership feature

Everipedia and Brave recently announced their new partnership, through which both brands will sponsor each other among their respective communities, and will therefore begin a deeper collaboration.

Both are two strong names in the Blockchain industry, which boast millions of monthly active users. Everipedia emerged as a peer-to-peer encyclopedia based on EOS, while Brave, through its privacy-oriented browser, aims to improve the web experience for both users, publishers and advertisers through a win-win solution.

This partnership includes:

  • Ad placement for Everipedia in Brave Ads and BAT Community homepage
  • Everipedia featured within the BAT Community
  • Articles on Brave's community, partners, and creators featured on Everipedia's homepage and highlighted on Everipedia's social media
  • Brave and Everipedia working to integrate each other's platforms into their communities

"Brave and Everipedia are both early examples of how blockchain technology is changing our lives. We provide an uncensorable knowledge layer for the world and Brave protects our information while browsing. This partnership is a natural extension of our vision to enable free, safe and accessible access to information using blockchain technology" - Theodor Forselius, CEO and co-founder of Everipedia


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