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Dan Larimer will continue to work on EOS?


While the price of Ethereum has recently surpassed ATH, the price of EOS has increased very little. Some users posted a price comparison to sarcastically criticize EOS, and Dan Larimer confessed that he is still looking for ways to contribute to the EOS community.

EOS the Etherereum Killer


The tweet received many replies from users, with one of the more emotional ones replying that.

These guys are pure sociopaths. They will sell their own mothers for a dollar and then cite capitalism. Hyporcrites, liars and sociopaths.

In response to the tweet, Daniel Larimer, former CTO of Block.one, tweeted

I’m sorry you feel let down. Would you walk away from hundreds of millions of dollars in order to pursue to your mission and principles? I did. Is that something a sociopath does? I love everyone in the eos community who has a passion for freeing mankind from tyranny.


In response to Daniel Larimer's reply, a user said.

would you still try to build on eos?

Daniel Larimer responded by saying.

I’m still looking at ways to contribute to the eos community and deliver the freedom and decentralization many of us want.


The response to that reply from Daniel Larimer generated a mixed discussion. Overall, it is positive that the now departed CTO is willing to step up and continue to work for EOS.


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