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Chintai Merchant Network: Customized Leasing Platforms


Chintai announced their new service: the Chintai Merchant Network. Chintai is a DeFi engine for leasing and trading digital assets, their traditional exchange can be accessed at exchange.chintai.io. However through the Chintai Merchant Network anyone will have the tools to host their own custom DeFi products.

Using the Chintai Merchant Network anyone can create his own asset exchange platform and managing it independently while using the Chintai on-chain engine. In this way the development costs are completely removed and it will be much easier to integrate a leasing system directly into dApps, for example for NFTs lending.

"The Merchant Network allows for NFT leasing and trading to be seamlessly integrated into games. And if anyone wants to setup a secondary market place they could easily do so with a custom UI that reflects the experiences of a specific game and interests of a given community."

All markets created using the Merchant Network will share the same order book to solve the problem of low liquidity.


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