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BuiltOnEOSIO: PUML Incentivizes Fitness Rewards

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Block.One interviewed Damien King, Founder of PUML, the first application on the EOS public blockchain that promotes health and wellness.

The goal of PUML is to motivate people to take actions that improve their long-term health. All this by leveraging the power of the blockchain, particularly EOS. The platform is already available as an application on iOS and Android, and freely downloadable from stores.


Initially Damien wanted to develop his own platform on Ethereum, using the ERC-20 Standard. Later, after meeting one of the finalists of the EOSIO Hackathon, he could directly witness the performance of the EOSIO chains, which made him change his mind, moving and developing on EOSIO.

By completing some periodic achievements, users can receive the PUML tokens on their EOS account within the app. The health incentive is primarily based on this mechanism, and works to maintain a high daily activity.

"With the gym, if you’re a new user to the gym, then one of our challenges is you need to check in 3 times a week for the first 3 weeks and that creates that healthy behavior. The gym is happy because they’re getting a more engaged user who is likely to have a longer lifetime value."

PUML Next Plans

In addition to adding new features within the app, the PUML team wants to build a health records system for their users, which will be managed on their own EOSIO sidechain. In this way users will have full control over their data, while preserving their privacy, and will be able to use predictive algorithms to analyze their data and prevent any health issues.

They are also planning to release their own fitness device, which will be fully integrable with the application and help users to better collect and manage all their information.

"We want to be the number one rewards app so that whatever gym you go to, or whatever class you do, you’re always getting our token. So it can be used and redeemed across all sorts of retail and fitness centers and corporate wellness providers. There is no global fitness currency or rewards system right now, so that’s where we’d love to be."

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