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Brendan Blumer: improving EOSIO before Marketing


Brendan Blumer recently announced on Twitter a new milestone for Block.One: the company has over 300 employees globally and they are ready to develop new EOSIO tools and applications. In the twitter thread he continued by replying to some more messages.

  • Tywin Lannister:

"Aggressive Marketing needed"

  • Brendan Blumer:

"More importantly we need to keep improving #EOSIO so that it is ready to replace traditional databases at any scale. We don’t prioritise marketing for the sake of marketing, we are working towards a more a sustainable large scale business plan than most of our protocol peers."

  • Superheaters:

"However, it takes you two years to develop a Voice."

  • Brendan Blumer:

"It will be longer than two years to compete with the billions of dollars and decades of product innovation that have been poured into the incumbent platforms. The average social media network takes many years to develop and gain traction, but I believe we’ll be faster than most."

  • Javier Mendonca:

"Imagine if you would employ remote talent"

  • Brendan Blumer:

"You never know!"


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