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Block.one Invites EOS Community to Test Proposed Resource Model

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After publishing its proposal for a new resource model on EOS, Block.One is inviting the community to test the solution directly by offering bounties of up to $20,000.

"We believe that if this solution is adopted it would increase access to resources across all users of the EOS blockchain."

The proposed solution wants to change considerably the mechanisms of resource sharing and staking within the EOS blockchain. Currently all users who stake their EOS tokens are entitled to use network resources in proportion to their staked EOS. With this new solution, the system will become completely based on a rental market.

Basically, every user who wants to use resources on the chain will pay a rental fee for these resources that expires every 30 days. This must automatically renew itself with a dynamic price. The price should be set using a market based mechanism, based on changes in supply and demand for CPU/NET resources.

Block.One is inviting the entire EOS developer community to participate in the testing, offering bounties of up to $20,000 per person for reporting any critical issues.

"We hope that, by including participation in this process of testing and feedback as part of our discretionary voting criteria, the proposal provides the intended long-term benefits."

To find out the details, browse to: The EOS Resource Model Proposal


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