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Block.one' Grant to EOS Nation and EOS Asia to Build EOS Open-Source Crowdfunding Platform


Block.one's EOS VC has awarded $631,000 to EOS Nation and EOS Asia to develop and release an open-source platform on the EOS mainnet to fund EOSIO-based blockchains.

“As a long-standing member of the EOSIO community, we have seen first-hand the power that comes from community contributions and innovation, Block.one is excited to tap into that collective dynamism by supporting the launch of a crowdsourced funding platform, which could also serve as a reservoir for sharing project ideas and developer best practices.” - Kevin Rose, SVP, Public Blockchain Engagement at Block.one.

The platform is inspired by Gitcoin and will be completely community-focused, able to receive bounty requests and grants in EOS tokens in a completely free manner. Block.One has also proposed to directly fund some community-selected grants once the portal launches later this year.

"The platform’s goal is to help developers within the community capture the value they create and grow the developer population. The platform is voluntarily self-funded, democratically driven, carefully administered, and aims to help the community become more independent."

This platform will be fundamental to stimulate the development of new services not only on the EOS mainnet but on all the EOSIO chains. It is already under development and more details will be released soon. In any case, two of the leading block producers of EOS are working on it: EOS Nation and EOS Asia, who over the years have demonstrated their qualities not only as block producers, but also as supporters of the community, releasing and funding various projects such as: EOS SX Vaults, EOSX and EOS Pixel Master.

“Among the many talented block producer candidates, we’re honored and excited that Block.one has decided to support our proposal to deliver the platform along with EOS Asia, there’s much work that will need to be done to bring this vision to reality, and we are thrilled to have the support of Block.one. The EOS community can engage with us and stay updated on the progress of the platform through our website and social channels.” - Yves La Rose from EOS Nation


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