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Block.One Announces EOS Stake-Based Voting and Rewards program Details


Block.One recently announced details of a new EOS Stake-Based Voting and Rewards program. This system should have the potential to align the interests of network operators and token holders.

In its efforts to enhance the connection between community participants and incentivize positive development in this direction, Block.one hired the Prysm Group to develop a series of solutions to address inflation, reward mechanisms for community voters and BPs, and other collaborative possibilities that facilitate the exchange and formation of consensus among EOS community members.

The full analysis performed by Prysm Group can be viewed directly at eos.io

Prysm Group recommended:

  1. stake-based voting and rewards mechanism initial parameters be set so that system inflation falls within the range of 1.2% and 3.8% per year
  2. the inflation rate may need to be adjusted over time
  3. BPs receive inflationary rewards of at least 1.2% of total EOS supply annually
  4. inflation not allocated to Block Producers may be distributed to token holders
  5. Restricted withdrawals by stakers according to two key parameters: withdrawal limit and claim period
  6. withdrawal limit set to 67% and claim period set to 7 days

For this stacked voting and rewards program, Block.one also announced a bug bounty task in the article: developers can view the code of the program and participate in it to improve the program and get rewards.

Although the details of the voting model and the configuration of many parameters still need to be finalized by the community, this solution will add more vitality and competitiveness to the storage and trading of EOS positioned as a value platform. Stay tuned to EOS Go as we bring you more updates on EOS.

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