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Anchor Mobile for EOSIO chains soon to be released


The Greymass team announced the upcoming release of the mobile version of their EOSIO wallet Anchor. The Desktop version was released just over a month ago, and until then it received a lot of positive feedbacks. With the release of Anchor Mobile, EOSIO chain users will have a new easy access to their favorite dApps.

Unlike some currently available mobile EOSIO wallets, Anchor has been developed primarily as an authenticator, so it integrates with external media and applications as a portable trusted device. To ensure a high level of security, it uses the secure enclave components of the mobile device for key storage.

Through Anchor Mobile, users can:

  • Sign individual transactions on any medium simply by scanning a QR code or clicking an HTML hyperlink.
  • Sign-in to any compatible EOSIO app to create a secure and persistent session. Subsequently, transactions must be approved on Anchor.


At the moment it is possible to test the beta version via an iOS Device by downloading it from the following link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/huZddLBu It is possible to test it on chains such as: EOS, Telos, WAX, and testnets like Block.One and Jungle.


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