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Akon with Akoin Foundation partners with Effect.Ai


The Akoin Foundation, the foundation of the American singer Akon and representative of Blockchain: Akon, partnered with Blockchain / AI social venture Effect.AI. With this collaboration they seek to empower 2 million new CEOs in Africa.

The goal of this partnership is to support entrepreneurial ventures in Africa to develop digital inclusion within the continent, in particular through Blockchain technology. Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs will be established with physical locations in Kenya, Senegal and Ghana. Here it will be possible to access online jobs paid in cryptocurrency through the Effect.AI platform. In addition, specific programs will be available to learn cutting edge business and technical skills, with the goal of "inspire a generation of change-makers and ignite the blockchain and crypto revolution in Africa ".

"The Akoin Foundation exists to empower young entrepreneurs first in Africa, and as we grow, in other lean and rising economies, to start and build businesses and create sustainable communities. These Opportunities Hubs are just the beginning." - Akon, Chairman and Founder, Akoin

Both Effect.AI and the Akoin Foundation will provide funding to build the physical hubs, as well as support the platforms and community. The first Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs will be built in Kenya and is expected to open mid Q4 this year. During Q1 2021, it should also open locations in Senegal and Ghana.


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