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Everipedia’s First-Ever Editing Challenge


Everipedia announced their first editing challenge with the goal of creating 1,000 new pages this month alone. Each contributor will have the opportunity to earn additional rewards in IQ tokens directly from the Everipedia team.


  • Editors who create 15 new high-quality pages will receive 2,500 IQ.
  • Editors who create 30 new high-quality pages will receive another 5,000 IQ.
  • Editors who create 60 new high-quality pages will receive another 7,500 IQ.
  • Editors who create 90+ new high-quality pages will receive another 10,000 IQ.

What's an "High Quality" page?

From Everipedia Announcement

  • At least 500 characters in the page’s main body (~2 paragraphs or 150 words)
  • 1 high-resolution featured image (preferably 900×900)
  • At least 2 citations
  • At least 2 infobox items
  • At least 2 internal links

Anyone interested in participating, can do so by simply registering on the dedicated page on everipedia.org, adding his name and his section. All pages must be completed by December 31, 2019 and will be evaluated by the Everipedia team.


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