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3 seconds LIB on EOS? Dan responds


Michael Fletcher of EOS42 asked on Twitter why the confirmation time for transactions on EOS is not reduced to 3 seconds as it was done on BOS. This would be a choice that would greatly improve the user experience on the EOS mainnet.

Dan Larimer responded by saying they are already working on reducing confirmation time for business chains, while EOS is still considering options.

Immediately afterwards Brendon Ross, a full-stack engineer at EOSIO, continued: "Enterprise clients are asking for this. @bytemaster7 you did previously hint that its coming..but that was a long time ago. Any timeline updates?".

Technology blogger Scott Owen immediately posted an answer from Dan in October last year about this issue: "We will have that option for you soon".

LIB is "Last Irreversible Block", what is the concept of shortening LIB to 3 seconds? Currently on EOSIO, a transaction basically takes about 3 minutes to enter LIB. Compared to other block chains such as BTC and ETH, EOSIO's transaction time has been significantly improved, but for large-scale commercial application scenarios, the level of minutes Confirmation time will affect the user experience. For example, payment to the store, waiting a few minutes for transaction confirmation, places many restrictions on the user.


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