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EOS Go neither endorses or rates any of the tokens listed or mentioned on our site, nor do we encourage our readers to invest in any particular crypto currency. The investment in encrypted currencies is recognized as a high-risk operation and EOS Go urges all investors to conduct due diligence before evaluating an investment.

The term "Market Cap" refers to the classification of EOS tokens according to market capitalization from the largest to the lowest. The rankings are not an endorsement or intended to induce readers to take any action. They are designed for information purposes only.

EOS Go does not approve of any ICOs or tokens listed, mentioned or linked to our site. If any "Promotional Content" includes any mention of an ICO/Airdrop or other promotional content, we urge our readers to exercise caution prior to considering any involvement with such a token.

The purpose of offering "Promotional Content" to our advertisers is to help finance the day-to-day business operations of EOS Go.

If you come across "Promotional Content" that you believe is fraudulent and/or "scammy", please contact us and we will investigate immediately and remove the content from our site.