Telos Blockchain Gets Its Own Stable Coin, TLOSD

Telos Blockchain Gets Its Own Stable Coin, TLOSD

The Telos Community recently partnered with CARBON and announced their new stablecoin: TLOSD. TLOSD is a USD backed coin that is now available on all exchanges that support Telos and the Carbon API.

Users can now buy TLOS with debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or bank account, making it easier than ever to invest in TLOS and start using the Telos blockchain.

"Our dapp will provide frictionless and global access to TLOS via credit/debit cards. Our stable coin TLOSD will provide a reliable store of value and medium of exchange on-chain in addition to direct fiat on/off ramps into and out of the Telos network. Telos has demonstrated truly decentralized networks can come together, get things done, and create real value."

Read more: https://www.newswire.com/news/telos-blockchain-gets-its-own-stable-coin-tlosd-20979621

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