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Steem dApp APPICS Joins the Telos Blockchain


Recently the social media company dApp APPICS, announced the migration of its platform from the Steem to Telos Blockchain, mainly to boost its global performance.

APPICS is a reward-based social media app, where users can share their photos in a similar way to Instagram, but at the same time where they can earn cryptocurrencies for their social activities.

The challenges with Steem Blockchain, besides the performance of the chains, were holding back the growth of APPICS. Indeed, the team limited itself to strengthening its marketing campaigns for fear of not being able to register all users on Steem, and therefore needed a more performing and flexible chain.

"APPICS needed a blockchain solution that would help appreciate its burgeoning global user base of content creators, influencers, and brands. And the company believes all of these depend on high performance and ease of use of the network across the globe."

The choice on Telos was made for the performance of the EOSIO chain, which ranks second after EOS in the Blocktivity ranking. Moreover, apparently the Telos team helped APPICS to implement a new smart contract and additional functionalities on the backend, to solve some problems previously encountered by users.


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