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OKEx will soon support EOS DeFi


After some requests from the EOS Community, OKEx also announced its entry and support for EOS DeFi. From yesterday, until September 23rd it will be possible to vote on OKEx to choose which DeFi projects will be integrated into the exchange. Go ahead and vote now!

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on EOS in the last period is growing and maturing out of all proportion. Currently on DeFi projects on EOS, there is a total value locked of $115M, of which 42% is locked on the most important project: DefiBox. In the last few days some members of the community have raised some criticisms about OKEx, which is a big supporter of DeFi and one of the top block producers on EOS, but has not yet taken any action to support DeFi on EOS. Indeed, on the exchange platform of OKEx we can find very few EOS tokens.

After receiving criticism, the CEO of OKEx immediately made an announcement on twitter, to inform the community about the new OKEx updates for EOS DeFi. Indeed, at the moment all members of the community can support their favorite DeFi project by voting on OKEx for which project the exchange should implement.

You can vote between 6 projects:

The voting period began yesterday, September 21 at 12:00 noon, and will continue until 12:00 noon on September 23 (UTC). During this period, users can vote by depositing tokens into their OKEx accounts or generating new addresses, and the top 2 projects with more votes will be launched on OKEx soon after.


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