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OKEx launched EOS options trading


Today OKeX, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, launched the EOS options trading. This allows users to buy or sell EOS tokens on a fixed day in the future, increasing the flexibility of EOS holders.

EOS is the third cryptocurrency to which OKeX offers the possibility to buy and sell options. The other two cryptocurriencies available are Bitcoin and Ethereum. By buying an option, at the expiration date users will have the opportunity to decide whether to exercise the option or not. Indeed, this option will be exercised if it is profitable for the user.

For example an EOS holder can decide to buy in 30 days, 10 EOS at a lower price than today. If at expiry, the EOS price has remained constant or has increased, then the user can exercise the option and make an instant profit. This offers much more flexibility to EOS holders, especially for developers, who will be able to better calibrate the cost of resources for their decentralized applications.

"The contract holder (buyer) can choose to exercise the option if she or he can benefit from doing so. The contract writer (seller) will have to pay relevant amount to the contract hold If there is no benefit from exercising, the buyer can choose not to exercise it. The seller does not need to pay anything in this case."


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