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Mythical Games integration of Microsoft Azure Blockchain Token


The Mythical Games team recently announced the integration of the dGoods Standard with the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Token. The Azure Blockchain Tokens facilitates the deployment and management of tokens standards by using the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI).

Through this integration game developers are now able to tokenize any in-game asset, therefore creating opportunities for players and content creators to participate in player-owned economies.

“With Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens, we’re enabling organizations to more easily take advantage of blockchain across a wide range of scenarios, based on a standardized framework that allows for interoperability between ledgers, By tokenizing in-game assets, Mythical Games is using its dGoods Standard to solve the industry-wide challenge of ensuring both players and creators get to benefit from the value of items acquired in games.” - Marc Mercuri, Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain, Microsoft Corp


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