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Liquidchains: instant customizable blockchains


LiquidApps has just released their brand new enterprise specific solution: LiquidChains. What are the advantages of this new concept? And how can it be used?

LiquidChains is a blockchain-as-a-service, which takes the best of both public and private chains to create the most suitable solution for enterprises. Through LiquidChains users can set up a customisable chain in minutes and connect it to a public blockchain for transparent record-keeping. In this way the LiquidChains are halfway between permissionless and permissioned public and private blockchain, with some particular advantages:

  • Easy to set up
  • Scalable and as high-performance as a permissioned blockchain
  • Offer auditability and control if connected to a public blockchain
  • Users can choose which data to keep confidential and which to share on a public blockchain
  • Connectable to any DAPP Network tools

"LiquidChains can be public or private, permissioned or permissionless. They can exist for as short or long a time as necessary. And they can include whichever trustless features best suit their creators’ use case."


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