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Less than 5 hours to EOS v1.8

Only 15 days for the EOSIO v1.8 upgrade on mainnet

These information are provided by EOS Asia

Less than 5 hours remain until the scheduled update of the EOS Mainnet to version 1.8. The block producers have agreed to activate the upgrade at 13:00:00 UTC-0, Sep 23 2019. A Go/No Go meeting, for the top 30 Block Producers, will be hosted 2 hours before the activation time, while is required an explicit confirmation for the top 21 BPs.

In case of an eventual failure, the blockchain will not be affected as it will still be possible to confirm transactions simultaneously with version 1.7 and version 1.8. In this case, a solution will be found and another round of upgrade will be scheduled.

Block producers have already organized a recovery plan:

  1. Multiple independent BPs will continuously take snapshot
  2. BPs can discuss and choose the snapshot that has the highest LIB to recover the network

They also suggested some actions to be taken for Exchanges and Wallets:

  1. We recommend closing EOS deposit/withdraw 3 hours before the activation time and resume in 24 hours (centralize exchanges/wallets can decide the time based on their internal risk control measures)
  2. The head block number at activation time (Sep-23-2019, 13:00:00 UTC-0) is at around 80881433, with LIB at around 80881103 (HEAD-330) Note: the head block number is a reference value as it could vary and be off by 2-3 mins.

During activation, the EOS Go team will try to keep the community updated on events. Any updates will be published in real time on our telegram channel "EOS Go TURBO", so we advise those interested to join the group and enable notifications!

Follow EOS Go TURBO: https://t.me/eosgo_turbo

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