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Galaxy EOS VC latest investment: Dazzle Rocks for Minecraft-like mobile MMO


Dazzle Rocks raised $6.8 million from funding round led by Galaxy EOS VC fund. The investment will help the Finnish company to further develop their Minecraft-like mobile MMO game.

The game still doesn't have a name, but from the first images it looks very promising, as well as being developed with the aim of being attractive to both Western and East Asian markets.

"We choose a little bit ore Nintendo flavor that is easy for both the West and the East to play. We think we offer a lot more creative freedom than some of the other games, but we also make it approachable for the mass market. People can build things based on blueprints." - CEO Stella Wang,

Hopefully, through the investment of Galaxy EOS VC, when the game is launched we may see some integration with EOSIO.


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