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eosBlender launched the first EOSIO token mixer


The same developer behind EOSIO-LOCK, recently released its new service: eosBlender. This is the first fully decentralized token mixer for the EOS mainnet and for TELOS, which enables untraceable transactions.

Users who want to carry out private transactions will be able to use the eosBlender smart contract to deposit the amount of EOS or TELOS to be sent towards a specific receiver. The information is encrypted in a hash string so that it is not visible on the blockchain and that only the smart contract is able to decrypt it. The recipient can then request a claim from the smart contract at any time and receive the amount sent to him. The same system can also be used to create new anonymous accounts.

"The protocol eliminates the explicit link between the original transaction and the receiver address. At the same time, it maintains the same security properties of the EOSIO token transfers."


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