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EOS accepted in hundreds of businesses, thanks to EOS Marketplace


On EOS Marketplace it is possible to visualize all the businesses that accept EOS in the world, and apparently Venezuela dominates the ranking, with over 600 stores receiving payments in EOS with zero fees!

EOS Market Place is the first platform that allows you to view in real time all the stores that receive payments in EOS, for a variety of categories, such as: Fast Foods, Restaurants, Pharmacies, or other services.

The large number of businesses that accept EOS is a clear demonstration of the need for such technology, and how powerful EOSIO software can be. Indeed, with EOS it is possible to make almost instantaneous transactions with zero transaction cost.

"Where #Crypto is TRULY needed. $EOS is there. EOS Market Place is helping people all over Venezuela and their amazing #EOS community is living proof that the great technology built on #EOSIO is improving peoples lives." - Source

EOS Marketplace is accessible from: https://eosmarketplace.io


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