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How to earn crypto with CryptoLocally new referral program?

P2P trading platform CryptoLocally has been expanding its services these past few weeks. Its rapid growth is attributed to its commitment to provide a simple, yet fast and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies. To further accelerate its growth, a new referral program has been launched that will enable its customers to earn cryptocurrencies passively.

The new CryptoLocally’s referral program


CryptoLocally is a non-custodial trading platform that has been expanding its service offerings and operations worldwide. The platform users will now be able to refer CryptoLocally to their friends and family to earn 20% of CryptoLocally’s fee for every successful trade made by their referrals.

All registered users of CryptoLocally are qualified to join. Those who are not yet a member can easily participate through a quick and easy registration process using their email only.

How does it Work?

Joining the program is quite easy. Users just have to follow these simple 5 steps:

  1. First, they will need to get their own referral code. If they are new to the platform they can get one by signing up on CryptoLocally.com.

  1. Once they have signed up they need to log in to their account to find their referral code and link. These are located on this page: https://cryptolocally.com/en/earn.

  1. Registered users will have to invite prospects using their referral link. Referrals need to use the user’s referral code to earn 20% of CryptoLocally’s commission for every successful trade made by their referrals on the platform.

  1. They can monitor the progress of their referral activity on this page: https://cryptolocally.com/en/earn. It shows how many users have signed up with their referral code, the completed trades of referrals, total trade volume per crypto and revenues that can be claimed.

  1. Participants can claim their referral rewards anytime on the same page. Claims are transferred directly to the referee’s personal wallets.

Benefits of the new referral program

Those who are on the platform are already included in the new referral program, all they have to do is use their referral links to invite participants as the new rewards structure applies to them automatically.


No KYC, as fast as it gets New participants are not required to disclose any private information, all that is needed is a valid email address to create an account with their own referral link. This makes it possible for new users to make trades within minutes and make use of their referral links to invite new users into the platform immediately.

Worldwide offers in local currencies The platform is also open to all locations around the world. Anyone with internet access and an email can register and begin trading on CryptoLocally’s trading platform. This means users will be able to refer virtually anyone, at any location they want.

No restrictions, no trading limits Moreover, there are no trading limits. No restrictions on the number of trades or the total amount that can be traded. This translates into more potential earnings for users. Lastly, users can transfer their earnings whenever they want instantly to their personal wallets. There are no minimum required amounts to transfer referral rewards.

Despite being relatively new in the industry, CryptoLocally continues to improve its services by continually introducing innovative features that enhance user experience and bring more value to its platform. CryptoLocally’s new referral program aims to strengthen its position in the industry as it tries to increase its market reach globally and become the best P2P crypto trading platform available.

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