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DAPP Token Leasing is live thanks to Chintai

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Chintai released the Token Leasing market for DAPP Tokens. This will allow DAPP Network users to exploit the full potential of the network, without necessarily having to hold tokens, while DAPP holders will have a new source of revenue. A great combination of different services that brings added value to users!

"The DAPP network offers a variety of second layer scaling solutions that make building enterprise grade dApps easier. DAPP network Service Providers (DSPs) offer “packages” that developers can leverage to build their applications. In order to access DSP packages you must stake DAPP tokens. In some cases staking millions of DAPP is required."

The leasing works through an algorithm, similar to the one used on REX in EOSIO chains, or on Bancor. The algorithm has been modified to ensure liquidity at all times, both entering and leaving the market. Lenders can freely deposit DAPP tokens and receive CDAPP in return. CDAPPs can then be exchanged at any time for previously deposited DAPP tokens plus accrued interest. Instead, developers can borrow DAPP tokens for a fixed period of 30 days, paying upfront interest. The price of borrowing is based on a predetermined algorithmic formula.


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