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Dan Larimer spoke at the Government Blockchain Association

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Today Dan spoke at the GBA (Government Blockchain Association), an association that focuses on promoting blockchain technology to government. This event was held in Washington at the U.S. Capital Congressional Auditorium. The topic of Dan’s speech was: Designing with end-to-end security, the risks of traditional databases and passwords, and the future of blockchain and problems it solves.

In the speech Daniel shares some personal experiences with hacks on exchanges and explains how traditional database and servers are not efficient for the future. He also gives insights in some issues they had with databases while building Voice and how EOSIO is solving many of these problems. Not only that but he mentions how quickly they are working on making EOSIO faster and more efficient as time goes.

Listen to the full speech on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ArGCmWkvXOE?t=4447

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