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China 19th Crypto Ranking, EOS is again the best blockchain


The CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China published the 19th Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. According to the ranking, even during these 2 months EOS is the best blockchain, while Bitcoin takes the 14th place.

On the podium, in addition to EOS we find Ethereum in second place and IOST in third place. TRON, which in the 18th CCID had placed in the second place, has now dropped to fourth position.

The ranking is published every 2 months and takes into consideration a total of 35 blockchains, based on Basic-tech, Applicability and Creativity.

Honorable mentions goes to:

  • Bitcoin: 14th position (-2)
  • TRON: 4th position (-2)
  • Cardano: 36nd position (-4)
  • Steem: 13th position (+2)
  • Ripple: 15th position (-1)
  • IOTA: 37th position (-1)
  • Cosmos: 6th position (+15)

Full Index

photo 2020-08-29 14-29-26

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