Book over 1.6M Hotels with EOS on Travala

Book over 1.6M Hotels with EOS on Travala

Travala recently added EOS as a native payment option for bookings made on its platform. Travala.com is a Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA) well known for accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies as a payment option to book over 1.6 million hotels and accommodations.

By allowing payments in encrypted currencies, they can offer a fairer pricing system for both consumers and merchants than the competition. Including EOS, they now support over 17 different cryptocurrencies, saving users up to 15% on bookings.

"it’s great to see platform tokens initially developed for use within exchanges moving into real-world use cases to further drive cryptocurrency adoption to the masses." - Matthew Luczynski, CEO and Founder of Travala.com

Source: https://blog.travala.com/travala-com-adds-eos-as-a-payment-option-to-book-at-over-1-6-million-accommodations-worldwide/

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