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Bitfinex launched its staking service


Bitfinex has just announced their new staking service, through which users can earn EOS by simply holding their digital tokens on Bitfinex. Along with Binance's new EOS staking service, the exchanges are starting to align their interests more closely with those of the EOS holders.

In order not to risk a too low liquidity for tokens withdrawals by users, not all tokens deposited on Bitfinex will be staked. This will therefore affect the percentage of annual staking rewards received, which it is estimated at around 3% per annum. The reward is measured in proportion to the amount of EOS deposited on the exchange by the user and the percentage of the total number of tokens Bitfinex holds which are staked.

In addition to EOS there are other tokens: COSMOS (ATOM), V.Systems (VSYS) and soon Tezos, Algorand and Tron.

In their FAQ, Bitfinex has no intention of taking part in any governance decisions in these chains, except delegating tokens to trusted nodes of their choice. This is something that could be improved by giving its users the opportunity to vote for the nodes they prefer.


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