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Binance will support EOS Staking for its users

photo 2020-03-11 15.29.43

Binance has announced the arrival of their EOS staking service within their platform. Users will be able to start earning a percentage in EOS based on the staking rewards received by Binance.

The service will start on March 13th, payments will be calculated daily and distributed by the 20th of each month. It should be remembered that Bianance's staking rewards probably come from an exchange of votes with some block producers whose identity is unknown, and that it is still not possible for users to vote for their favorite block producers. In any case it is a step forward for the governance of the EOS mainnet by exchanges.

"Remember when you stake your #EOS on an exchange, you are allowing the exchange to vote on your behalf. Binance’s focus on returning rewards back to EOS holders demonstrates their efforts to represent token holder interest. This is EOS governance maturing. Nice job @cz_binance" - Brendan Blumer


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