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Block.One Sends 45M EOS to Helios to Serve the EOS Community


Block.One announced the transfer of 45 million EOS, valued at the current price over $200 million, to Helios, a new institution led by Brock Pierce, to specifically support the EOS community.

Through Helios, Brock Pierce wants to promote the development of new tools for EOS, supporting the creation of infrastructure and documentation for developers, and organize community events for networking and further education.Among the activities promoted there is in particular the creation of an EOS Venture Capital fund managed directly by Brock Pierce, and by other members of the community yet to be defined.

Of the total EOS 45 million, only 8 million are liquid, while the remaining 37 million will be vested in approximately 7 years. Also, according to Brock Pierce's own report, the funds were actually purchased by Helios. In this way Block.One disposed its unvested EOS, and lost all rights in defining how the funds will be used.

There are not many other details about Helios yet, but undoubtedly the collaboration between Helios, the EOS Network Foundation and Pomelo will attract many new talents and developers within the EOS community.


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