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Exploring Strange New Worlds with WAX.io


There has been a lot to be excited about when it comes to WAX recently. Although not necessarily new, there are many partnerships that have begun to take fruition on the WAX blockchain. Add to that some new news hype, and it’s looking like the WAX community will continue to push the boundaries on a regular basis for generations to come.

With the launch of the premier Topps partnership Garbage Pail Kids, the NFT WAX spotlight shines ever more brightly every day. WIth the GPK Tiger King release coming soon, a recent surprise announcement involving William Shatner’s exclusive surprise WAX NFT collection, and a new Capcom’s Street Fighter on WAX announcement, it’s easy to forget that despite all that is going on, this all just the beginning.


WAX Blockchain News: Shatner, Google, Marvel, Tiger King, and NFT Hub


Beyond these mainstream announcements, there are many people building and players behind the scenes that are doing things equally as fascinating on the WAX blockchain for those willing to dig a little deeper. Because of the sheer amount going on within the WAX.io space, we decided to reach out to some prominent members in and around the WAX community and project space and see what exactly it is about the future of WAX that is most exciting, as well as which projects currently are their most beloved and why.

One of the best places to start might just be Anders’ coachbjork’ sw/eden, a true OG in the WAX space. Having written a plethora of articles on the ins and outs of WAX over at waxsweden.org, and just recently launching a YouTube series with basic tutorials and information that new and old users alike can find valuable, Anders has been doing alot to further spread the word of WAX around the space.

What excites you most about the future of WAX?

“The growth of the current NFT market on WAX is very exciting, since GPK series 1 launched May 12th, we have seen over $1m in trade volume in the WAX market. A total of over 14m WAX tokens has been used to trade GPK and other NFT's.

This is just the beginning, now that we also see other projects and more releases from Topps coming to WAX. The Tigerking release is just around the corner, William Shatner (Captain Kirk) drops cool never seen before Memorabilia, Street fighter launches projects, and Blockchain Heroes looks sweet.

We are presently seeing a sweet council with representatives from key players in the digital world, together with all those sweet products above. And this is just the beginning.”

What is your favorite project on WAX right now, and why?

“We have seen multiple marketplaces for NFT's launch since May 12th. The latest being atomichub.io which launched with a fully new NFT standard Atomic Assets together with a sweet NFT creator.

This is a great standard that is built based on what we know today. Great ways of adding collections and templates to streamline the process for the creator and make it easier for the collectors to find all details. On top of that you can easily back an asset with WAX, which gives it a minimum value! Really sweet.”

As Anders points out, things are advancing extremely fast. One of the most impressive renditions into the NFT space beyond the hype of the memorabilia itself is surely the ideas behind how NFT’s have developed to incorporate a built in tokenomic value that can be added to over time or released through the burning of the token. As the first within the EOSIO sphere to incorporate such things, it’s easy to see the potential and understand why Atomic Assets happens to be one of Anders’ favorites.

Catching up with Jona Wilmsmann, co-founder of pink.network and developer behind Atomic Assets, there are many echo’s of what Anders’ stated previously regarding the future of NFT’s on WAX.

For Jona, it is the prospect of getting big, mainstream companies to bring their intellectual property to WAX that is the most exciting. “The Garbage Pail Kids launch has been a huge success, and I could imagine that we will see a sort of ‘gold rush’ of companies trying to get in on the party. And since digital collectibles really is an area where blockchain, especially EOSIO, brings unique advantages, I think that WAX has a bright future ahead.”

Jona notes that although it is difficult to point a finger at a specific project in the space, that in itself is quite amazing. It just goes to show how much is going on in the space right now. However, just choosing one, the WAX Cloud Wallet due to the fact that “it has proven to be incredibly valuable in onboarding new users that might have never been interested in blockchain before, but are able to get started almost immediately. And with the 2.0 redesign coming soon, it will become even better.”

And yes, one thing that WAX has done extremely well is onboarding. As we mentioned in our previous peek behind the curtains of WAX in To Be Fungible or Not, not only has the ease of paying for users on the WAX network been a draw for a number of projects, but in kind, onboarding new users via the WAX cloud wallet has amplified considerably the way blockchain is viewed from the perspective of the first time user.

Looking back over the past decade of blockchain technology since Bitcoins inception, one of the most frustrating things when it comes to adoption seems to be the lack of ease in learning how to create an account. Of course, different chains in the space have had different methods based on preference, but WAX has seemingly been able to take the best of both worlds when it comes to the creation of free accounts and feeless transactions.

The WAX Cloud Wallet (https://all-access.wax.io/) could not be simpier to register for an account. They offer a variety of login choices from the standard email/password registration and login to integration with commonly used products such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Github, and Line.


Simply choosing your preferred login and following the instructions is all that is necessary. Not only is the account creation process as integrated and simple as it gets, but unlike some other EOSIO chains, WAX Cloud Wallet accounts provide a free 2 WAX stake so users do not have to worry about how to get the wallet ready for use within the system after it is created. It’s as simple a ‘plug and play’ as blockchain can get. In fact, the only real difference from creating a WAX Cloud Wallet account than any other mainstream non-blockchain based registration or application on the Internet is that you must be sure to save the details given like the password, recovery phrase, and 2FA (optional) as if you happen to lose it, WAX will not be able to help you reset it. In other words, make sure all information that is included in the registration is carefully copied down and/or stored off of your computer somewhere safe even if on a portable USB so you never lose access to your account.

Having been around in the community since before the token sale and stayed due to the recognition in the potential of WAX where many other crypto projects have failed, the early designs of WAX towards a NFT and DeFi based blockchain as far back as 2017 in addition to what has become since has won over long time crypto enthusiast Kaefergeneral who also runs one of the highest ranking WAX voter proxies (kaefersproxy) for the long haul.

“I like how WAX targets a mass audience and is focused on easy onboarding. With all the major IP coming to WAX while being basically completely side tracked in terms of media attention, what excites me most is mass adoption happening under everyone's nose without them realizing it. Knowing that at some point they will realize what has happened over the last weeks and months and be completely blown away, when seeing how little other projects have achieved in comparison to WAX, while getting a shit ton of attention. It's mind-blowing.”

Big Mike of Blokshop.io, another long standing higher ranking Wax proxy (bigmikeproxy), and misfit admin of The GPK Trash Pile Traders Telegram channel agrees “the most exciting thing about the future of WAX is the quality IP and companies that they are bringing to the table. With these partnerships in place the WAX NFT market will grow and eventually it will become exponential.” Big Mike is also very excited about the future of the original series Garbage Pail Kids franchise on Wax.

For this reason, seeing the developments coming out of the overall NFT space as it relates to WAX the hype around Atomic Assets Atomic Hubs within the community is both real and warranted. The general consensus as Big Mike puts it is that “their NFT creator and standard are second to none in the industry. It’s very exciting to see how easy it is for new artists to get into the NFT game and I have watched several get their feet wet with Atomic Hubs”

Kaefer also echos the sentiment of Atomic Assets really being a stand out project at present due to all that they are building and have accomplished, but further notes it’s the potential of the WAX Worker Proposal System to really push WAX to that next level rather quickly allowing growth beyond just what certain teams envision and aid in the fostering “a community of developers where 'community' contributions can actually be rewarded.”

The WAX Worker Proposal system in a way, becoming a model for that which the EOS mainnet rolled out, has all the markings of incentivizing future developments and projects of a decentralized open source community. As Denis Carriere of EOS Nation notes, “Worker Proposal Systems are key for a healthy ecosystem as they foster targeted development by subsidising key innovative sprints that permit long-term sustainable growth.”


Source: https://guide.wax.gg/developer/wps

The interface for the WAX WPS can be found at https://labs.wax.io/ and showcases some of the ideas that members of the community have grand visions of building out to propel the ecosystem forward in future renditions of the potential that should at this point be more than apparent.

Realistically though, whether it’s the constant stream of IP partnerships being added to and presented, the furthering of ease in which NFT’s can both be created and taken to market, the ease and multiple avenues of creating a free WAX Cloud Wallet account allowing for instant access into the space, or the funding set aside for developers to bring their product to market within the space via the WAX WPS, it’s undeniable that behind the scenes the WAX ecosystem and community as a whole is unwavering in their dedication to support and propel forward the future generations of EOSIO and blockchain technology, boldly going where no blockchain has gone before.

Special thanks to all those who took the time to share their opinions and wisdom with us for the composition of this piece. Find them as well as the projects mentioned above via the links below:

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