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EOS Go Cards: March Set is Coming


The February EOS Go Cards drop is coming to a close, and soon EOS Go Card holders may be able to receive a reward of over $30 in WAX tokens in their account. The number of cards continues to grow, to date we have released 24 different cards, for a total of 557 assets distributed among members of the community.


In this regard we can not do anything but thank you for all the support you are giving us to continue our efforts for the EOSIO community, and we hope you are enjoying your collectible cards!

Starting from February 3 at 12.00 UTC will begin the new March drop that will feature 4 more cards starting with the new one based on Ultra.io!

The rules remain the same, every week new cards are released to EOS Go Cards holders, and whoever ends the month with a rare or legendary card will receive a reward in WAX tokens.

Unlike last month, the price for the initial legendary card will not increase, but will continue to increase for rare and base cards. This way we could still afford to increase the reward for the winners of this month.

We remind you that the referral system is still available, it will continue to work for the new Sets to come, giving you the opportunity to earn additional free cards.

Every time you purchase a card, you will be able to refer a referee. When referees manage to promote the purchase of at least 10 cards of a single rarity, they will be able to make a claim to receive a card of the promoted rarity for free. That card will be delivered regardless of its current price".

That said, if you want to give your feedback, you can contact us directly on our telegram group: t.me/eosgo

And Enjoy Our Next Cards!